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Mexican Wine Country

I’m always looking for my next weekend getaway, and Grupo Habita’s newest outpost is definitely moving into a top spot on my list.  We are already big fans of the group’s properties.  We’ve stayed at and eat often at both Condesa DF and Habita in the DF and have also stayed at La Purificadora in Puebla and Hotel Americano in NYC.  

So - when pictures started to appear over the last couple of weeks of new eco hotel Endémico Resguardo Silvestre in Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California, I took notice.  Designed by Jorge Gracia of graciastudio, it is located in Mexican wine country overlooking the vineyards with a restaurant overseen by the Culinary Arts School of Tijuana on site.  Twenty modern “EcoLofts” float on the sloping terrain without any contact with the soil.  Dramatic views of the valley and outdoor fireplaces just add to the allure.  As soon as they get a website up you better believe I will be making a reservation. 

All images © gracia studio via architizer 


I’ve finally gotten around to digging through my loads of safari photos and posting a few online.  Going back through all these images was a labor of love.  It made me nostalgic for our time in Africa and left me longing to return to Londolozi.  Don’t these photos make you wish you were there?    

We were lucky enough to see the Tsalala lion cubs during our stay at Londolozi and fell in love with the playful youngsters.  We have been following their adventures on the fantastic Londolozi blog since we left.  Here’s hoping we will be back to check on them in person!   

see more photos here

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What’s in my bag

What's in My Carry-on
What’s in My Carry-on by thisgringohoneymoon 

I’m flying back to the East Coast today for work and a very New York wedding and, while I am sad to leave Mexico City during Day of the Dead, I thought it would be fun to do a little post on what is in my carry-on.  I am such a sucker for any “what’s in my bag” feature in magazines, I figured it was about time I did one of my own!  I take the Mexico City to DC flight so often that it’s almost second nature.  While it is technically an international flight, it’s so short that it feels more like a West Coast to East Coast flight without the time difference.  With that in mind, take my carry-on essentials for what they are: a business traveler’s “must haves” for a less-than-transatlantic flight.  If I were jetting to Tokyo all the time I am sure my bag would look much different!  With that disclaimer, here we go.

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Holiday in Mozambique

On the heels of our wildly popular Safari Dreams video, here is a short film of our time in Mozambique. We were on Bazaruto Island and, as you can see, didn’t do much other than sit on the beach and enjoy the view. Real pictures from Africa to come soon, I swear.

Happy Weekend

Hope everyone has a great weekend!  I will be digging through photos, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather here in Mexico City.   

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Safari Dreams

Safari Dreams from Kristin White on Vimeo.

I’ve been back from vacation for about a week and am still reeling.  I’ve not even begun the task of sorting through photos, mostly because then I will have to admit that the vacation is actually over.  Safari was magical, a dream, and totally addictive.  I cannot say enough good things about Londolozi and the lovely people we met there.  I am still having dreams of safari and we are already planning our return trip.  Inspired by instant coffey, I have managed to pull together this short video with some iPhone highlights from our trip.  Many thanks to Dan, Like, Lisa, and everyone else at Londolozi who made our stay unforgettable.  And to everyone else, stay tuned for more pictures from South Africa and Mozambique.

Just a few snapshots from vacation…we might never come home!  

Back from New Orleans

I go to this bar every time I’m in New Orleans and on this trip the weather was perfect for sitting on the balcony.  It was divine. 

The Avenue Pub  • 1732 St. Charles Avenue • New Orleans


As I mentioned before, I recently spent a week in Paris for work.  The things I have to put up with.  Seriously.  Le sigh.  I love Paris.  

But who doesn’t?  Honestly, I’m not even very good at loving Paris - I speak no French and even when I try a few words here and there the Spanish comes tumbling out.  I swear, my Spanish never sounds so good as when I’m in another country where I speak even LESS of the local language.  Then I can think of how to say EVERYTHING I want to say in Spanish.  In any case, all I have are a few iphone snaps since I was in meetings most of the time and not traipsingaround town taking photos.  

Even though I was in meetings during the day, it turned out to be a lovely week.  The weather was good, not too hot, and there was plenty of cafe sitting and walking in between meetings.  Fortunately, I was there with a co-worker who is a good eater and drinker, so we made the most of our free time.  See below for my two favorite meals from this trip.  Nothing particularly new or ground-breaking, but both restaurants accept walk-ins, which is great if you are last-minute business traveler who isn’t on the ball with reservations [like me].


L’Atelier De Joël Robuchon

With no tables and no reservations, this is a good option for fine dining at the last minute.  The bar-style seating also makes it a good option if you are traveling on your own [something I do often so I am always on the lookout for places that are comfortable for parties of one].  The pristine open kitchen provides entertainment throughout the meal.  The small portions of typical dishes were superb and allowed for many meals in one.  Of course, you are paying for many meals in one as well.  The bar-style seating and extensive wine list does encourage meeting friends.  We happened to be seated next to an attractive young couple of newlyweds from Mexico City, of all places.  I was proud of myself for recognizing their Chilango accents and they were shocked to run into an American in Paris who lives in Mexico City.  The highlight of the night, though, was our celeb sighting of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger having dinner relatively unnoticed.  I got points with my boss that night both for my Spanish accent recognition skills and my knowledge of celebrity couples.      

5-7 Rue de Montalembert, Paris, 75007, France

+33 (0)1 4225 656


Le Chateaubriand

This unassuming place was by far my favorite meal of the week.  We lucked out, as there happened to be a last minute cancellation that we swooped in on.  If you aren’t so lucky, not to worry, the New York Times 36 Hours in Paris has serviceable advice for how to guarantee a table as a walk-in.  From what I observed they are pretty spot on.  Le Chateaubriand serves five courses set daily, prix fixe, everything was surprising and fantastic.  I loved it even though I got squid ink on my white jeans.  It was fine dining at its most democratic - servers were friendly, the atmosphere could not be more casual and comfortable, and it was relatively affordable for Paris [and certainly affordable for the quality of food].  The wine bottle-toting crowd outside the restaurant waiting to be seated also added a little something to the fun atmosphere.  I will definitely be back here again.      

129 Avenue Parmentier, Paris 75011, France

+33 (0)1 43 57 45 95

Until next time, Paris.


I’m in Paris for the week, but will be back to regular scheduled programming soon.

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