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Last week I made my last visit to DC for a while. I have spent our last two years in Mexico traveling regularly to DC for work, but that is coming to an end as I am now grounded in Mexico until bebé arrives and will spend our last months in Mexico after bebé arrives on leave. As much as I am looking forward to ditching the travel schedule, I will miss my hometown. I felt lucky last week to see it at its holiday best. I took advantage of the spirit of the season by doing some of my favorite things: Christmas shopping in Georgetown capped off by dinner with a good friend, a visit to the National Christmas Tree, and a nightcap and snacks at Off the Record with my nearest and dearest. I know I will miss Mexico next Christmas, but having my own traditions in DC to return to gives me something to look forward to. Happy Holidays and Felices Fiestas, wherever you are celebrating this year!   

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Happy Weekend from DC!


A little DF in DC

Last week I blew through DC for a couple of days and had very little time for fun, but I did make time for tacos.  My little brother and his lovely girlfriend were nice enough to take me to El Centro, Richard Sandoval’s taquería on 14th Street [you will remember that Richard Sandoval is also behind the menu at Hotel Brick here in Mexico City]. The oven-like heat in DC kept us from enjoying the rooftop deck, but it didn’t stop us from enjoying some tequila and tacos.  El Centro boasts 200 tequilas and mezcals, and offers tacos common in Mexico that are not often found in DC [i.e., al pastor, nopal].  Being on 14th Street, it was a bit trendier than the taquerías I am used to in Mexico City, but it’s nice to know a place [aside from District Taco] that I can go for my tacos al pastor fix in DC.  I just have one suggestion: with as many Mexican beers as they have available, a Michelada on the menu would be the perfect pair to tacos on a hot day.      

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I’m Alive

So sorry for the lack of posts over the last week and change.  I was in DC for work then had to extend for more and more meetings [always more meetings!].  I was sick on top of it; working like a dog and sick as a dog without my own sweet dog to make me feel better!  It was the worst of all worlds.  The silver lining was that I got to spend a little extra time with family and friends and see my rosebushes bloom after all the spring rain.  

But, I’m back in DF now, just in time for Cinco de Mayo [which actually means very little here].  So…expect to hear more from me now that I’m feeling better and have a snoring bulldog at my feet. xoxo


cherry blossoms

In my five fast days in DC I managed to sneak down to see the cherry blossoms after work one day with Matt and Meghan and the pups.  They weren’t in their full glory, but they were still charming.  It was a good parting shot of DC, until next time!  

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Bye Bye Baby

A couple of weekends ago in DC I “hosted” a baby shower for my friends over at Wif and Hub.  I say “hosted,” because I hardly did any work.  The other lovely hostesses provided the delicious food, took care of the invitations and gifts and baked an impressive cake and favors.  All I had to do was unlock the door to the urban ranch house, throw together some flowers, set out a few rubber duckies to fit with the theme, and mix up some cocktails.  It was a fun afternoon, and I had a lot of fun hosting people in my old place.  

Look at that cake!


Note: This post was meant to be up way earlier but Tumblr had other plans!  

I landed in DC on Friday night just in time to make a quick appearance at the office and grab a few g+t’s after work.  Since I’ve been working from home, I have really missed going to the bar for happy hour.  I also chose to fly in on Friday rather than Saturday so that I could make it to town in time for a special dinner at 1789 with a few of my co-workers, of one which happens to be the very lovely girlfriend of the executive chef.  I normally associate 1789 with special occasions, since I’ve only been there before to celebrate graduations or other momentous occasions, so it was a real treat to go just for dinner with friends.  

We solicited suggestions from the girlfriend of the chef and shared liberally and were not disappointed.  Below is our spread (lifted straight from the seasonal menu), it was all excellent and felt perfectly festive for the holiday season.


  • Maine lobster Salad (Portland, ME) Hidden Rose apple, hearts of celery, golden raisins and Steve’s cider jus
  • Bay Scallops* (Nantucket Bay, MA) butter braised green cabbage, black trumpet mushroom and sweet onion puree 
  • Roast Quail wild rice, celery root, candied orange peel and Hudson Valley foie gras
  • Crispy Country Terrine green French lentils, house smoked bacon, hearts of celery and Dijon mustard
  • Raspberry Point Oyster Gratin (Prince Edward Island, CAN) house smoked bacon, salsify, brioche croutons, Gruyére cheese and basil

Main Course: 

  • Rack of Lamb Young Indian Woman beans, stewed kale, country ham and balsamic vinegar
  • Virginia Pheasant for Two butter roasted sunchokes, braised endive and cranberries
  • Crispy Cutlet* Yukon gold potato puree, chanterelle mushrooms, field spinach and lemon
  • Tenderloin Swiss chard, pearl onions, baby carrots, turnips, mini red potatoes and bordelaise

1789 Restaurant • 1226 36th Street, NW • Washington, DC • 20007

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The packers have come and gone and the house is half empty.  We are hanging out in DC for a few more dinners and cocktails, but I have to say that it is finally starting to feel real and I’m ready to just get on the road.  Today is grey and rainy in DC and so I am especially looking forward to sunny Mexico.  

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rainy day

Washington D.C.It’s a rainy day in DC and I’m overdue for some posts.  I have lots of good stuff to post about like my trip to Chicago last weekend to see my besties and some other autumnal goodies.  Stay tuned!   

Image via Dan Chung


a free weekend

Last weekend we found ourselves in DC with no obligations, no commitments, no travel plans.  It was that rare weekend that feels like a real break between weeks and you can really just do whatever you please.  We ran, had brunch with friends, and made progress on our DC bucket list.  I have a mental list going of things I’d like to do before we leave town, and I’m slowly but surely working through it.  I’m not going to post the actual list, because then I’ll just feel bad if I don’t get to everything.  Instead I will just mark progress we make.  

Last weekend’s progress was our visit to the Hirshhorn on he National Mall.  I run by it almost every morning and have been thinking I need to go for a while.  The collection is great, a highlight was The Day I Didn’t Turn with the World by Guido Van der Werve, but in my opinion nothing on the inside competes with the architecture of the building and the sculpture garden outside.  Here are some snaps from our afternoon [albeit a week late] 

We’re in Atlanta this weekend as our farewell tour continues.  Will try and think of some better things to post about soon!

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