Holiday Outfit Series 2012

Holiday Outfit Series 2012: Christmas Eve Dinner

We are in the home stretch! If you are like me you are tired, crashing to the end of the last work week before Christmas, barely finishing shopping for gifts, and trying to find the time to either pack for travel or prepare for house guests.  

So this week’s holiday outfit is all about comfort. We have a fun Christmas Eve dinner party hosted by gracious friends up next on the agenda. Now that all the obligatory work parties and functions are behind us, I look forward to breathing a little easier, wearing a luxe tshirt or sweatshirt [I’m all about the fancy sweatshirt lately] with festive cropped pants or a sequined skirt [elastic waist for me] and fully enjoying friends, family, food and drink from here on out.

You might have noticed that I haven’t included a ton of maternity wear in my hot mama outfit options and you might be thinking, “what a load of crap! this isn’t helpful at all!” And you might be right. The truth is that maternity clothes are the worst.

I have had much better luck wearing a size up in most things and relying on a few maternity staples: one pair of jeans, a couple of pairs of leggings, longer tshirts and one great black work dress. I ordered dresses from all of the higher end, trendy maternity lines, and had to keep at least a couple of them to get through a few events over the last few months, but for the most part I found that the less expensive options were more stylish and fit better. This lace maternity dress from asos is a perfect example.

Other than that, I have relied on Zara for fun tops that I don’t feel guilty about buying in a size up and stuck to the the roomier items in my closet. Take that for what it is worth - maybe nothing - but that is what I learned from dressing myself the last couple of months.   

Mexico City is finally quieting down after a few weeks of manic traffic and lots of hustle and bustle. I am anxiously awaiting my family’s arrival and looking forward to a very merry Christmas, I hope everyone else is doing the same.

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