Last week I made my last visit to DC for a while. I have spent our last two years in Mexico traveling regularly to DC for work, but that is coming to an end as I am now grounded in Mexico until bebé arrives and will spend our last months in Mexico after bebé arrives on leave. As much as I am looking forward to ditching the travel schedule, I will miss my hometown. I felt lucky last week to see it at its holiday best. I took advantage of the spirit of the season by doing some of my favorite things: Christmas shopping in Georgetown capped off by dinner with a good friend, a visit to the National Christmas Tree, and a nightcap and snacks at Off the Record with my nearest and dearest. I know I will miss Mexico next Christmas, but having my own traditions in DC to return to gives me something to look forward to. Happy Holidays and Felices Fiestas, wherever you are celebrating this year!   

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