Holiday Outfit Series 2012

Holiday Outfit Series 2012: Posada

This weekend is the first weekend of posadas and we have a couple on the agenda. These are usually pretty casual affairs that start earlier in the day and are focused more on eating, drinking and celebrating than on festive outfits.

Traditionally, posadas are held every evening for nine days starting on December 16. A procession representing Mary and Joseph knocks on doors looking for lodging; finally, the host of the posada lets the party in and there is much singing, rosary praying, piñata breaking, eating and drinking. The nine nights of Posadas represent the nine months of pregnancy.

I have found that in Mexico City the posadas we are invited to are more often a festive comida that lasts into the evening. While there is always a piñata, I have never actually been part of a procession. It’s a shame, because this year I could be a fantastic Mary. I keep thinking I should offer my services to a local Christmas pageant as well.

I struggled our first two Christmas seasons to understand the right Posada-wear, especially since every year we go to one in a bullring [don’t ask me why, I don’t know]. This year I am keeping it simple with jeans and a festive button down [I’ve found that a size up in button down shirts will still fit over the bump]. It gets chilly here in the evenings so I have been rocking faux fur vests to keep warm. Sure, it doesn’t do anything to downplay my giant belly, but there is no hiding it at this point anyway, so I figure more is more. If I were a bit more svelte, I would be going for a darker denim on denim look with a pattered cardigan and simple jewelry. I love these boots and think they work with anything, I am hoping Santa brings me a pair…

We’re in the homestretch now, just ten days till Christmas. I hope everyone enjoys las posadas and those of us in Mexico City can bear the traffic just a bit longer!

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