Holiday Outfit Series 2012

Holiday Outfit Series 2012: Office Holiday Party

Week three of the 2012 Holiday Outfit Series and we are still going strong! My office holiday party in DC is this evening. Can you believe I will be missing it for the first time in 9 years? [!!!] I will be there in spirit though, so this week’s holiday outfit is dedicated to the dreaded office holiday party.

In my mind, there are three critical aspects to any successful office holiday party outfit. Above all else you must be:
  1. comfortable
  2. modest
  3. festive

This means that it might not be your most stylish outfit, but you can go all night long in it, drink as many G&Ts as you’d like and still feel appropriate talking to your boss.

A dress with sleeves fits the bill perfectly. This maternity lace dress from Asos has been a life saver for me already and I will be trotting it out for several more diplo events here in Mexico before the year is done. It is extremely flattering and as comfortable as a sweatshirt. Turns out stretchy lace is a pregnant lady’s best friend. I like this J.Crew option for the skinny-minis, especially since it would look great under a black blazer during the day.

I would up the festive factor for both of these dresses with sparkly but not-too-high heels - jimmy choo does this better than anyone else. A fresh manicure - either dark or holiday red - is necessary when you are walking around all night clutching a cocktail. Top it all off with some party earrings [my husband got me these 10 years ago when we were dating and I still wear them all the time - they are the perfect party earrings] and you are set!  

Oh, and have a good time but stay away from the karaoke!       

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