Holiday Outfit Series 2012

Holiday Outfit Series 2012: Black Tie

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are still celebrating with family in Texas and loving every minute of it. But, once the turkey is eaten and the shopping is done, the holiday party season is upon us. That means it is time for our annual Holiday Outfit Series.
This year I am introducing an interesting twist on this classic series. As some of you might have noticed if you follow me on instagram or twitter, I am expecting our first baby in the new year [!!!]
Yes, yes - it is all very exciting, but it also means holiday dressing poses bit of a challenge. Luckily we’ve been hitting the weddings pretty hard over the last few months, so I have some practice in dressing the bump. Because of my current condition, I thought that this year I would do a split series. For every event I’ll post a maternity option for the sexy mamas and non-maternity option for all the hot babes that don’t have to worry about a big bump. You could also call this option, what I wish I was wearing.
This year we are starting at the top with black tie. This is what I wore to the Marine Ball in Mexico City last weekend, and I have worn some variation of it to several weddings this Fall. This look is all about the necklace, because it is not as fun shopping for a gown when you are visibly pregnant from space. I think even for the slimmer among us, it is nice to have a standard black column dress in your closet to style up for obligatory black tie events. I went with this standard black number and this Jaguar necklace from J.Crew, but you can go even bigger. Pair with sparkly flats or heels and bright lipstick and dance the night away with or without child.

P.S. DC friends, you might keep this one on file for the rapidly approaching inaugural ball season.
P.P.S. Expect a holiday outfit every friday for the rest of the year - if you have suggestions or requests for events/occasions you would really like to see, let me know! 
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