For the first time this year I put up an altar for Día de los Muertos. It’s pretty modest, but I think it is pretty good for my first time! I had tons of cempazúchil (marigolds) and pata de león (lion’s paw, I actually don’t know what these flowers are called in English) that I arranged on the altar and all over the apartment. I added a sugar skull, a giant pan de muerto, candies, a bottle of mezcal, velas (candles) and photos of our loved ones who have passed. I have some papel picado that I might add because, when it comes to altars, more is more. And if I were going to be really true to the tradition and include things that the deceased loved in life, I would add some beer and a couple of packs of Pall Malls.    

So what do you think? Anyone else putting up an altar for the first time? 

Check out some amazing altars I photographed last year around town here

Special thanks goes to my husband who went to the tianguis and got all the supplies to make this happen while I was out of town.