Dia de los Muertos

As I’m sure you all know, last week we celebrated El Día de los Muertos here in Mexico.  While Halloween is creeping more and more into the celebration every year [I even saw trick-or-treaters this year], Day of the Dead remains a uniquely Mexican phenomenon.  Fortunately, we had friends visiting the weekend before and had an excuse to go around town to check out different ofrendas or altars and browse the Tianguis Día de Muertos in the Centro.  I’ve been freely indulging in pan de muerto, one of the few sweet breads that I actually enjoy, for the last month and will be sad to see the season end.  The good news: it means that Christmas is just around the corner! 

Unfortunately, Tumblr issues, a dead Mac Air and my work travel conspired against me getting this post up in time for the holiday itself, but better late than never, right?  Enjoy a few photos from my wanderings around town.  

Shopping in the Tianguis Día de Muertos

An Aztec ofrenda in the Zócalo 

The ofrenda at the Casa Azul 

Ofrendas in Plaza Hidalgo in Coyoacán 

For an overview of what makes a good ofrenda and what the different components mean, go here.

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