Huele a Oro

You might have heard that the Mexican soccer team won Olympic gold this morning in London. It was a great game and afterward we joined thousands of Mexicans celebrating victory at the Angel de la Independencia. There were so many people jumping in the circle that the earth was actually shaking. At first I thought it was an earthquake, but it just kept going and going. Congratulations to the team and all the Mexico fans celebrating all over the world! Viva Mexico!  

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Vacation Instagramed

We are back from our vacation and still in recovery mode. We split our trip between Oaxaca and Isla Holbox, and the best part? We snuck in a day and night at home in between the two legs. Getting from Oaxaca to Isla Holbox required a layover in Mexico City, so we took a day of staycation with the pups and a night in our own bed to break up the travel. It was such a nice treat - I might build a day at home into all of my vacations from now on! More from Oaxaca and Holbox in the days to come, I am still unpacking all of my purchases and haven’t even begun to sort through pictures, but we had a fantastic time and have lots to share!  

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Oaxacan Vacation Style

Oaxacan Vacation

For the first half of our vacation we have returned to Oaxaca to see the Guelaguetza festival [we have tickets for the show this afternoon!] and to do some shopping for things we wish we had bought last time. Other than that, the only thing on the agenda is sleeping in, relaxing and enjoying lots of Oaxacan chocolate. The weather is gorgeous and the city is full of life - just look at this picture from last night. Fingers crossed that the weather holds out for the show this afternoon. Here is what is in my suitcase, in addition to an umbrella and sunscreen, of course.

  1. I can’t explain why, but I’ve been eyeing this sweatshirt for a while and finally broke down and bought it. Now that it is the rainy season in Mexico I will have plenty of opportunity to wear it, starting now!  
  2. Aren’t these great earrings for travel? They are simple so they go with everything and so inexpensive that if you lose one it’s not the end of the world. I don’t usually travel with a lot of jewelry, but I don’t like to have bare ears so these are perfect.
  3. A crossbody bag is the only way to go if you are going to be walking around town all day. No more tired crampy back from lugging everything you own in a shoulder bag!
  4. I always pack a stack of cotton dresses for travel around Mexico, they are cool and comfortable but you don’t look like a total bum. I figured if I love my chambray shirts so much, why not a chambray dress?
  5. I am obsessed with everything about Mara Hoffman’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection, including these amazing serape shorts. que bonitos!

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Treat Yo Self

Hi there!

It’s been a while since I posted on this little blog, and there are a few reasons for that. Mostly, though, I needed a break from having one more thing on my to-do list. I’ve had a little break and the idea of posting sounds fun again, so it seems like the right thing to do. My return comes just in time for our vacation [by the time you read this I will be on the plane] and I celebrated finishing my last bit of pre-vacation work by having a treat yo self afternoon. For me, that meant a mani-pedi and downloading a few vacation reads. Lesson learned, a little treat yo self goes a long way.

Look forward to more Mexico posts in the coming weeks! 

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OAXACA Corazon de Mexico

Since we are creeping up on our next trip to Oaxaca, I figure I better get my pictures from our last trip posted already. Before our trip I wasn’t sure what to expect from Oaxaca City, given the amount of buzz I had seen in travel magazines and on blogs. I was sort of expecting something like San Miguel de Allende, a beautiful Epcot version of Mexico full of tourists and gringos.  

I was wrong, and pleasantly surprised with how tranquila the city was. While it is certainly breathtakingly beautiful, it was also remarkably low-key and self-assured. If there were roving packs of tourists, we missed them. 

What we did find were bountiful mercados, incredible food - both in restaurants and on the side of the road, surprisingly excellent shopping, and unsurprisingly kind people. Now I understand the bumper stickers and ads that I see all over DF that read: Oaxaca Corazon de Mexico.     

We’ve already booked our return trip next month and I am counting down the days,  making a list of things I will be sure to buy/eat/drink/see this time around. I’m sure La Guelaguetza changes the feel of the city considerably, but I am excited to be there for the celebration.  

We stayed at the Hotel Azul Oaxaca and will stay there again when we return. It is centrally located and has an amazing breakfast in the courtyard - the chilaquiles are not to be missed. Flights from Mexico City to Oaxaca are well timed and reasonably priced for a weekend getaway. We left Mexico City early Saturday morning and were in Oaxaca in time for breakfast.

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For The Dads

Happy Father’s Day to the dads - to my friends who are new dads, to the dog dads, to my father-in-law, and to most of all to my own dad, who always makes sure I know he loves me.



A Weekend in DF

Last weekend we had a group of friends visit us in Mexico City and it was just. so. much. fun.  Of course a weekend is not nearly enough time to see Mexico City, but we did our best.  We climbed pyramids, rode a trajinera in Xochimilco, wandered around town, drank mezcal, saw Frida’s house, ate tlacoyos, and sat in cantinas.  We listened to Mariachis.  We laughed at old jokes.  We danced.

We didn’t do anything this weekend that we hadn’t already done, but it was still fun to see our city through our visitors’ eyes.  With as many negative comments as I get back in the US about living in Mexico City, it was so great to see my friends show up with open minds and really enjoy this city.  I hope more people do the same.  We are always up for visitors!  

Gracias, amigos, for a fantastic weekend! 

see the rest of the photos from the weekend here

Monte Albán

Slowly but surely I am getting through my photos from our trip to Oaxaca.  We spent about half a day exploring the Zapotec ruins at Monte Albán.  I don’t think I have been as impressed with the scale of an archeological site in Mexico since I first visited Teotihuacan six years ago.  The two civilizations overlapped and interacted in the Terminal Formative period, making Monte Albán the oldest site we have visited in Mexico.  It was pretty fantastic.

We were fortunate enough to go on a weekday, so we basically had the place to ourselves.  If you can avoid the weekend at any site in Mexico I highly recommend it.  It really makes a big difference. 

Monte Albán is only about 9km from Oaxaca City and is more than worth the short drive.  We also visited Santa Maria Atzompa on the way back into town, which is known for its green pottery and where I had some excellent mole at a roadside restaurant.  

see the rest of our Monte Alban photos here

Wonderful Oaxaca: A Film


I hope everyone had a great week. Here is a short little vid from our time in Oaxaca to enjoy on your Saturday morning. And if you think this is the last you will hear about wonderful Oaxaca, then you are just fooling yourselves! Coming up on This Gringo Honeymoon:  

  • Why I liked Monte Albán more than Chichén Itzá
  • My guide to shopping in Oaxaca - RUGS! BASKETS! ALEBRIJES! RUGS!
  • How we almost died trying to find Hierve el Agua and how you can avoid the same fate
  • and more! 

Have a great weekend!  

Note: All video was filmed on an iphone by my gringo husband using this app. The song in the video is Malagueña Salerosa by Chingon.  


I love this photo of me and my mom.  I gave her a framed copy on my wedding day because it reminds me so much of what my mom meant to me as a kid.  She was always a safe, comfortable place in my life.  She is still that place to me.  Happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful, strong, loving mother.  I love you.

PS - if you are still looking for gift ideas, consider giving the mom in your life the gift of a safe delivery for a mom-to-be in danger.  Moms, of all people, will appreciate how important this is.    

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