Hi, there!

This Gringo Honeymoon is a nod to the Robert Earl Keen song that my husband and I chose for our first dance once upon a time. It talks about jumping the border to escape the law. Instead, we moved south of the border when my husband took a job at the US Embassy in Mexico City.  Go figure.  

This Gringo Honeymoon started as a blog about our life in Mexico. It was a way for us to stay in touch with friends and family while living abroad. When we moved we were just a couple of newlyweds and a bulldog puppy. During our almost three years in Mexico we added a Mexican street dog to the mix and had a baby boy.

Now the whole family is back in Washington, DC missing tacos al pastor and waiting to see where our next adventure will take us.

All photos on the blog are taken by me, unless otherwise indicated.  Please credit them clearly if you choose to use them, and feel free to send me a link!  Please do not crop, alter, add graphics or text or otherwise edit any of my photographs.  

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